We’re so ready for Christmas!

So far we’ve been on the island for 3 days. We’re four of my five siblings and I and some of our children and partners, 12 people all in all. We’ve been out several times and have filled our cars with food and drink, so now the fridge is full and all the cupboards too. […]

St Martin the good of Tours

On Tuesday, November 11th it’s the day of St Martin the good of Tours in France. The stories of him and all his good deeds spread from France to the rest of Europe, where people today commemorate him in various ways. In Denmark we tell the story of St. Martin (Morten in Danish), who tried […]

Culinary Delights

Today’s assignment: Write a story or a scene that centers around an extraordinary meal. My childhood was filled with a never ending stream of delicious home cooked meals my mother prepared in her own kitchen. As I mentioned earlier we never ever went out to eat and as far as I know, my mom never […]