A revolutionary effect – Page 72

In this house there is a strong will, and that will is mine. Everyone should have the help they need, but without nonsense, because nonsense doesn’t heal you! I comfort and encourage my patients and give them great care. In return I demand total discipline! Discipline is necessary to reach a goal. – What impact […]

When I took my driver’s license … – Page 70

It happened when I was 70. I had never in my life dreamed that I would own a car. I had an old rusty bicycle, and I was well pleased with it, but more and more guest had to be taken to and from the train station, and so I decided that it had to […]

The politicians are welcome – Page 69

Your food should be your medicine and your medicine your food. Health is our best, our only capital. These facts cannot be repeated often enough. When I had rheumatism, the only help I got made me so much worse. I got 22 pills per day. In the end I was so poisoned by medicine that […]

I became a total wreck – Page 66

My gallstone cure can for instance also be used by people who are going on a long trip. It’s always nice to be sure that a trip isn’t going to be ruined by a gallstone attack. And you can be sure if you take the pain free cure without side effects. A good and cheap […]

A lot of money could be saved – Page 65

The state could save a lot of money if gallstone patients got this oil therapy and also a drinking cure for a week. The patients need no recreation and they don’t have pain afterwards. It would be a great relief if we could avoid all those hospitalizations and expensive surgeries for gallstones. And they can […]

They aren’t guests – they’re gallstones – page 64

When the photographer finally came, he looked around. – But where are the guests? He exclaimed. – Guests, I answered. You’re not supposed to photograph guests. You’re here to photograph gallstones. – Gallstones! He exclaimed. Did you bother me to come all the way out here to photograph gallstones? … I came to take pictures […]

The gallstone cure – surgery without a knife – page 63

I have a rule that I will not experiment with other people before I myself know how the treatment feels. That’s why I became my own first gallstone patient. Earlier I used to be very fond of eggs, and an egg yolk contains a lot of cholesterol. Therefore I was aware that I eventually had […]

Do you really use the same cure for all? – Page 62

Only few people are able to understand. They ask: – But do you really use the same basic cure for all patients? My answer is: – Yes, of course! When people get sick due to a contamination of the organism, the logical thing to do is to eliminate the root cause of the problem. But […]

The psoriasis scabs don’t come back – page 57

We make the patients hair wet and massage oil into it, and then we put a hood on the patients head. The next day we can remove all scabs with a comb and wash the hair. The psoriasis patients continue drinking potato water and the scabs will not come back! – But surely it’s a […]