Peek a boo with binoculars

Todays assignment: Voyeur Looking back at the different men I’ve met over the course of my life, I must say that most of them were pretty normal, maybe with a slight tendency to boring. There were a few exceptions though; like the poet who used to call and recite his very graphic poems to me […]

A lot of left legs

Todays assignment: E.R. Many years ago, while I lived together with my high school sweetheart Torben, we had a dog, a sweet little cocker spaniel called Jump. She was brown and white, very affectionate and full of energy. Torben still had his grandmother, whose name was Viola and who was over 70 at that time. […]

Sigurds shrimp soup

Today’s assignment: Tell a story that centers around a recipe. Instead of going to a public school my daughters went to a private school when they were 6 till 16 years old. It was a small school that focused on modern arts and especially on music.  No class had more than 18 kids and there […]