Happy New Year!

For all I know, my parents never celebrated New year’s eve. They had their traditions for this one day of the year when it came to food though. Lunch consisted of a white wine soup with raisins and clouds of beat egg whites with sugar and dumplings made of wheat, yeast, milk and salt cooked […]

Part two of my experiment is not really working for me either

Since 15th of October I’ve been on part two of my experiment, the Low Carb High Fat diet. First let me say that the food is very tasty and that I haven’t had any problems about staying on a strict diet – well maybe except for having a night cap now and then. For the […]

Filling our house with good food

Autumn is the time where most organic farmers slaughter animals for the winter, and for the last few weeks we’ve been around to buy meat that hopefully will last us till next spring. Grass fed organic meat is different from conventional meat, because it comes from happy animals who have been living outside, eating grass, […]

This is not for the faint hearted

When I was a child, we never ate strong spicy food. Our food tasted of the vegetables that were in it and pork, beef, poultry or fish, where the taste was enhanced with salt and a little pepper, and that was it. The only exception to it was an occasional spoonful of mustard if we […]

About being poor in Amsterdam in olden days

Cold winters in the ‘good old days’ were hell for the poor people in Amsterdam.  Many did not survive them. The winter cold that did set in on January 1rst 1763 was a good example. Jacob Bicker Raye is one of Amsterdams inhabitants, probably no one would remember, if it wasn’t for his diaries. He […]

How I went to Spain by accident, part 4

We stayed in Barcelona for quite a while. Looking back I must say that we were absolutely ignorant about the architectural treasures of the city. I don’t think we’d ever heard about Gaudi at that point. Never the less we enjoyed staying there. I remember the camping place being smaller than it is today, but […]

Christmas vacation, day 2

The house we spend our Christmas vacation in, has lots of bedrooms and still it’s most convenient that I sleep on a sofa, but it’s a most comfortable sofa and last night I slept well. It’s unbelievable quiet here. The only sounds come from the air condition, the fridge, the heater and the wind. Even […]

About buying Christmas gifts

Christmas is normally a time when I spend large amounts of money on gifts for my girls and on food. I don’t know why, maybe to make up for us being such a small family. This year is going to be different though. Because we are going to spend Christmas with the girls dad and […]

About writing and reading blog posts

Coping with criticism Sometimes it seems to me that everybody is a writer. Of course they are not, but there is certainly a lot more writing and especially public writing going on than at any earlier time in history. The internet enables all of us to tell our story and stories to the whole world, […]

Canoeing in Sweden

Todays assignment: Describe your most intimate experience with mother nature. It was back in summer 1990. Half a year earlier I had found myself a new boyfriend, Anders, and he, my two small girls, five year old Lise and seven year old Julie and I went canoeing in Sweden. We had never done that before […]