Day two of the experiment

So far doing the Alma Nissen drinking cure has been unexpectedly easy. It’s not a real fast, because I get the vegetables in the soup. Still I had expected a headache, nausea, dizziness and visual disturbances like I experienced with other fasts and diets like Fit for Life, but so far – nothing! I haven’t […]

About some of the things I promised myself

Oh, wow. Pretty much the same moment I promised myself to work less this year, I got hit by a huge workload. Normally I don’t mind working, but this time it’s seriously annoying. A customer sent me some pdf-files for translation, and normally the amount of text is something I could to in 3 days, […]


If you look the word “Diet” up on the internet, you will find Wikipedias explanations. Yes there is more than one explanation and lots of them have nothing to do with food, but let’s face it: I am damaged goods. 30 years of diets have taken their toll, so whenever I hear the word, I […]