This is not for the faint hearted

When I was a child, we never ate strong spicy food. Our food tasted of the vegetables that were in it and pork, beef, poultry or fish, where the taste was enhanced with salt and a little pepper, and that was it. The only exception to it was an occasional spoonful of mustard if we […]

Day 15 of the experiment

Today, in the morning of my 15th day on Alma Nissen’s drinking cure, I stepped on the scale and found that I’d lost another 2 kilos, so now I’m 5 kilos lighter all in all. Before I started this experiment, I told you that my health was good and I still think that’s true, but […]

Our relationship with bacteria

Another very important thing I didn’t write about earlier is bacteria. Over the last ten years or so we’ve all gotten terribly afraid of them, and that’s no wonder. We hear all the horror stories about what can happen, if we eat a raw egg or at a not so clean kitchen, or if we […]

Amsterdam’s markets

A large part of the daily trading takes place from stalls at the city’s many markets. Quite a few of them are only held one day a week, but there are also large markets which are held six days a week. Below you find a list of the various markets with opening hours. Albert Cuyp […]

What would you do, if all your food looked different all the sudden?

 Aparently this is rice in leaves of some kind and you cook it as you would cook an Uncle Bens bag of rice. 11 years ago, when I moved to Amsterdam, I had no idea about how different it would be to cook in my new country. I was 46 and was brought up by […]

Shopping in my childhood

Yesterday I looked a bit more into all my parents pictures and found an old one of a man who looked slightly familiar. I couldn’t really make out who he was or where the picture was taken. Not until I took a magnifying glass to look at the street sign and came to see what […]

Christmas vacation, day 2

The house we spend our Christmas vacation in, has lots of bedrooms and still it’s most convenient that I sleep on a sofa, but it’s a most comfortable sofa and last night I slept well. It’s unbelievable quiet here. The only sounds come from the air condition, the fridge, the heater and the wind. Even […]

Alone on an island with…

Today’s assignment: If you were ever going to be shipwrecked and had to stay alone on an island with anyone single person, who would it be? That is a tough one. Of course I’d appreciate the company of anyone of my girls, but then again: I’d prefer them to be in safety, watching over each […]