How they saved horses from drowning in Amsterdam in olden days

Back in the days, when horses and carriages where the normal means of transportation, it frequently happened that both horse and wagon accidentally ended up in the water, which usually was fatal for the horse, because there was no way to get it up on land again.    This changed however, when Gerrit Sinck, one […]

Be safe while driving!

Todays assignment: Roadkill (and a night picture of a road that’s empty except for one car.) Most of the time, while we are driving around in our cars, we feel absolutely safe. It’s almost as if it’s a part of our home, where nothing can happen to us. We know that we shouldn’t talk on […]

Sigurds shrimp soup

Today’s assignment: Tell a story that centers around a recipe. Instead of going to a public school my daughters went to a private school when they were 6 till 16 years old. It was a small school that focused on modern arts and especially on music.  No class had more than 18 kids and there […]