Amsterdam’s canal ring has only three squares with churches: Noordermarkt, Westermarkt and Amstelveld. Originally the plan was to build churches from stones in the squares, and here at Amstelveld there was supposed to be a church for the reformed inhabitants. This church was never build though, but because the inhabitants kept pushing, a temporary wooden […]

Beurs van Berlage

In the 19th century Amsterdam flourished and developed into a city of importance, and it was necessary to build a stock exchange. Instead of a renowned architect at home or abroad, the job was given to the young Dutch architect Hendric Petrus Berlage. He based his plans on democratic principles and the idea that the […]

Sint Olofskapel or Oudezijdskapel

Amsterdam has lots and lots of chapels and churches. Some were originally built as chapels and churches, but are used for other purposes now, and others were built for other purposes, but serve now as chapels and churches.  Dark red 2: Oudezijdskapel Dark green 2: Hotel Victoria Lilac 3: The Royal Palace Yellow 4: Pulitzer […]

About some of the things I promised myself

Oh, wow. Pretty much the same moment I promised myself to work less this year, I got hit by a huge workload. Normally I don’t mind working, but this time it’s seriously annoying. A customer sent me some pdf-files for translation, and normally the amount of text is something I could to in 3 days, […]

Starting over

The 29th of November I told you about my decision to pretty much turn my life around and work on becoming a person I would like to date. Before and after I wrote that I’ve thought a lot about what it is I want to change, have chosen some of the remedies that are going […]