St Martin the good of Tours

On Tuesday, November 11th it’s the day of St Martin the good of Tours in France. The stories of him and all his good deeds spread from France to the rest of Europe, where people today commemorate him in various ways. In Denmark we tell the story of St. Martin (Morten in Danish), who tried […]

Do you like oysters?

Today I picked up a magazine with advice about food for two for New Years Eve. One of the things, the author of that article thought, should be part of a dinner for two, are oysters. It made me think of something that happened many years ago, while I travelled through France with my high […]

The backside of gambling

Todays assignment: More than 25,000 Americans seek help every year for compulsive gambling. Write about one of them. Well, I don’t know any American compulsive gamblers, but we are having the same problem in Europe too. I’m not sure how things were in other European countries, but some years ago there were a lot of […]

An average day in your perfect life

Today’s assignment: Waiting Maybe waiting is natural to man. Maybe the Neanderthal man had to wait for Mrs. Neanderthal to get ready before they could go out, and maybe he waited for his birthday or his next meal, but it seems to me that we have never been waiting as much as we do now. […]

Don’t they know that?

Today’s assignment: Border Not that many years ago we still had borders in Europe. Places where you had to drive very slowly past a little house, where a man in uniform sat behind an open window and looked at the passing cars and at you. Sometimes he would make a gesture with his hand that […]

A masterpiece

Today’s assignment: Write about a forgery If you ever go to the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, you may stumble over a rather large expressionist painting in red and orange colors that’s claimed to be painted by a famous Dutch artist, who’s name we won’t mention here. It’s hanging next to masterpieces by other Dutch painters […]