About New Years resolutions

Though there were joy and happiness and glimpses of good fortune in it, 2014 was not one of my best years. I got divorced, and I moved out of a nice flat in town and was supposed to move into another flat in the countryside, but got stuck in limbo in my daughters guest room, […]

About some of the things I promised myself

Oh, wow. Pretty much the same moment I promised myself to work less this year, I got hit by a huge workload. Normally I don’t mind working, but this time it’s seriously annoying. A customer sent me some pdf-files for translation, and normally the amount of text is something I could to in 3 days, […]

Starting over

The 29th of November I told you about my decision to pretty much turn my life around and work on becoming a person I would like to date. Before and after I wrote that I’ve thought a lot about what it is I want to change, have chosen some of the remedies that are going […]

To walk in Aarhus

Today’s assignment: Take a walk If you like to walk, the Danish city Aarhus, where I live, is perfect. It is small enough so you can go pretty much everywhere on foot or bike, and it has everything you need, shopping wise and entertainment wise. The red dot is where I live and the yellow […]

About writing and reading blog posts

Coping with criticism Sometimes it seems to me that everybody is a writer. Of course they are not, but there is certainly a lot more writing and especially public writing going on than at any earlier time in history. The internet enables all of us to tell our story and stories to the whole world, […]

TV boxes and earthworms

Todays assignment: Write about your favorite childhood toy. If I had a favorite toy when I was a child, I don’t remember it. Actually I barely remember any of my toys at all. We got our first television when I was about three years old, and according to my parents was the box, that television […]

Art and I

Today’s assignment: Write about your first artistic expression My very first memory of doing something artistic is nothing more than a glimpse really, a vague remembrance of being in my kindergarten, dressed to look like a spring flower. We were 3 or 4 small girls, and I was 3 or 4 years old. I don’t […]