Peek a boo with binoculars

Todays assignment: Voyeur Looking back at the different men I’ve met over the course of my life, I must say that most of them were pretty normal, maybe with a slight tendency to boring. There were a few exceptions though; like the poet who used to call and recite his very graphic poems to me […]

The time I scared my killer

Todays assignment: Panic There are few things in live that can give you strength like when your children are in danger. We’ve probably all heard of the tiny mom who weighs no more than 100 pounds, but is able to lift a whole truck because her baby is stuck under it? Well, in my experience […]


Today’s assignment: Describe your first encounter with an illicit substance Two of the good things about living in a small city are that someone always is keeping an eye on you and it is much more difficult to get your hands on drugs. Not that I ever tried. In my days, when we wanted to […]

The helper

Today’s assignment: Write a story that takes place in the kitchen of a restaurant 28 years ago, when I studied German and had to feed my two small girls, money was always scarce. Luckily we lived in a dorm where the rent for our flat with two bedrooms was low, and where I found a […]

Butt naked

Today’s assignment: Write about the biggest secret you failed to keep Have you ever dreamed this dream where you are walking down the street and all the sudden you realize that you are naked? Yah, well, this was worse. Much worse. We all met in college, where we lived in the same dorm, Callie, Sally, […]