Finally we got some winter

After days and nights on end with rain and storm and more rain, this is what the world looked like when I started my day yesterday. The wind came from south east, which in our area means cold and dry weather in winter and warm and dry weather in summer. The dogs were excited and […]

Good bye Christmas, hello New year’s eve!

So, my families big Christmas get together is finally over, and I am back home, where it’s still sort of Christmas and now we’re looking forward to New year’s eve.   This is how our Christmas tree looked after the cat plaid in it and made it fall It’s colder now, and while the snow didn’t […]


Todays assignment: Write about your pets When my daughters were small we had all kinds of animals. Over the years there were, of course, dogs and cats, but also birds, fish, pasmatodea (which is a kind of insect), rabbits, mice, golden hamsters, turtles and even a pony. They were all great animals and companions, but […]