Dutch painters – Johannes Vermeer

  The Procuress (the man to the outer left is said to be a self portrait (the only existing) of Vermeer) Johannes Vermeer (a.k.a. Jan Vermeer and in his own time also Joannis ver Meer and Joannis van der Meer) was born in Delft in 1632, lived in Delft and died in Delft on December 15th […]

Amsterdam’s painters – Pieter de Hooch

  Self portrait Pieter de Hooch (a.k.a. Pieter de Hoogh, Pieter de Hooghe and Pieter Hendricksz. de Hooch) was baptized in Rotterdam on December 20th 1629 and was buried from Amsterdam’s mental hospital on March 24th 1684. He was a painter and an apprentice of the landscape painter Nicolaes Berchem.   Card players   Initially […]

Dutch painters – Jan Havicksz. Steen

  Self portrait Jan Havicksz. Steen was born in Leiden in 1626 and died in Leiden on January 1rst 1679. Painter.   Idlers He was educated at a Latin school and enrolled at Leiden University, but never graduated. He is said to have been an apprentice of Nicolaus Knupfer, Adriaen van Ostade and Jan van Goyen. […]

Amsterdam’s painters – Willem van Aelst

Willem van Aelst was born inDelft in 1625 or 1626 and died in Amsterdam around 1683. He was a painter and painted still life. Willem van Aelst was the son of a lawyer from Delft. He was taught to paint by his uncle Evert van Aelst, who painted still life. From 1645 till 1649 Willem […]

Amsterdam’s painters – Carel Fabritius

Carel Fabritius was baptized in Middembeemster on February 27th 1622 and died in Delft on October 12th 1654.  Painter He was an apprentice of Rembrandt at the same time as Samuel van Hoogstraten. Rembrandts influence is especially clear in his early works. Much of his work was first attributed to Rembrandt. Later Fabritius liberated himself […]

Amsterdam’s painters – van der Ast, van Goyen and Saenredam

Balthasar van der Ast was born in Middelburg around 1593 and died in Delft in December 1657. Painted still life with flowers.      Jan van Goyen was born in Leiden on January 13th 1596 and died in Den Haag on April 27th 1656. Painter.     Pieter Jansz Saenredam was born in Assendelft in 1597 […]

Amsterdam’s painters – Cornelis Ketel

Cornelis Ketel was born inGouda on March 18th1548 and died in Amsterdam on August 8th 1616. Cornelis Ketel was a mannerist painter. Ketel was apprenticed to the painter Anthonie van Blokland in Delft from 1634. In 1635 he moved to Paris, but had soon to return to the Netherlands because of the political circumstances. Here, […]

Frans Banning Cocq

 (1605 – 1655) is the central figure in Rembrandt’s Night Watch He owned the citadel Huis Ilpenstein and his title was Heer van Purmerlant en Ilpendam. Later he settled in Amsterdam and became captain of the archers and was a member of the archer’s house, which in 1638 decided to have their portraits painted by […]