Amsterdam’s painters – Carel Fabritius

Carel Fabritius was baptized in Middembeemster on February 27th 1622 and died in Delft on October 12th 1654.  Painter He was an apprentice of Rembrandt at the same time as Samuel van Hoogstraten. Rembrandts influence is especially clear in his early works. Much of his work was first attributed to Rembrandt. Later Fabritius liberated himself […]

Stromarkt – Kattengat – Hekelveld

 In this short strip you find the Stromarkt, Kattengat and Hekelveld Stromarkt is a very short street with only 10 houses. Kattengat, which was once so narrow that a cat could hardly squeeze through it, was originally a canal and was drained in 1601. The street was also called Spiegelstraat at one time, probably because […]