We got snow, beautiful powdery snow

Weather can feel very much different depending on where you live – in a city or in the countryside. In the city you can feel if it’s cold or warm, wet or windy and if the streets are icy, but I remember that I often didn’t think about what the weather was like when I […]

Part one of my experiment is over

Since last time I wrote about my Alma Nissen drinking cure here on the blog, I’ve stopped following it. While I felt great during the first 2 weeks of the cure, I gradually began not feeling so good later on. A week ago – last Thursday – I got a sore throat, and Friday I […]

Am I getting the flue?

There has been a kind of flue like cold going around here for a while. Everybody I know has had it except me, but then I barely ever get sick. Then last night I started having a sore throat, just a little bit, and in the morning I started feeling like I have a slight […]

How to rescue a theatrical performance – Page 27

You can also get the recipe for how the director of a theatre can save a performance. When the leading lady, who has to sing a big aria, is hoarse, there is no show. It’s the nightmare of every theater director. As soon as you get a fever or a cold, you can save the […]

A case of Alzheimer light

Todays assignment: Begin a story with a character who has lost something important to them The sun shone and it almost looked like spring, but it was freezing. Gregory had left home just in his jacket; no hat, no scarf, no gloves, and now he felt cold, so he walked faster, and when he turned […]