The gallstone cure – surgery without a knife – page 63

I have a rule that I will not experiment with other people before I myself know how the treatment feels. That’s why I became my own first gallstone patient. Earlier I used to be very fond of eggs, and an egg yolk contains a lot of cholesterol. Therefore I was aware that I eventually had […]

Do you really use the same cure for all? – Page 62

Only few people are able to understand. They ask: – But do you really use the same basic cure for all patients? My answer is: – Yes, of course! When people get sick due to a contamination of the organism, the logical thing to do is to eliminate the root cause of the problem. But […]

The migraine disappeared

The mystery of arthritis is solved (continued)   Alma Nissen, 92 years old   I had migraines for many years, Alma Nissen explains. Each time the migraine started, I saw no other alternative then to call the doctor as soon as possible and to get an injection … The pain hammered away in line with […]

The mystery of arthritis is solved

Before I start giving you the book about Alma Nissen, I’ll give you the following article from 1989, taken from the free Danish magazine called Helsenyt   Alma Nissen, 92 years old I eat garlic like it was candy! – And that’s probably why I’m 92 years old today and still have Brandal Helsehjem (a […]