Living the life with LCHF

Switching to Low Carb High Fat is heaven. In case you’re not familiar with LCHF, it’s a kind of paleo diet with the exception that on LCHF you eat a lot of fat. The idea is that fat makes you feel full sooner so you eat less, and because the food doesn’t contain a lot […]

First day on Alma Nissens drinking cure

Today was the first day of my four weeks with Alma Nissen’s drinking cure. I weighed myself in the morning before I started, and can tell you as much as that there is room for improvement. Then I drank a large glass of water with the juice of one lemon before I prepared my first […]

Is arthritis hereditary? – Page 60

– But are there no cases of arthritis which are hereditary, and which are not due to a wrong life style? – I don’t think that arthritis is more hereditary then that we eat the wrong things. The eating habits we’ve inherited condition our lives. If my grandmother ate meatballs, fried bacon, pancakes and everything […]

Het Makelars Comptoir

  ‘t Makelaers Comptoir at the open Nieuwezijds Voorgurgwal painted by Cornelis Springer. The painting was sold at Christies for 211,500 Euros ‘t Makelaers Comptoir was built on the corner of Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal and Nieuwe Nieuwstraat between 1633 and 34 and has been the home of the broker’s guild since then and till today without […]

Filled to the rim with grain

In the middle of the 16th century Warmoesstraat, which today is bathed in the light of the red light district, still was Amsterdams mainstreet. Representatives of various important foreign interests resided here. Like for instans Adriaen Pauw, a merchant in the service of the Danish king and Jaspar Craeck, who was the agent of a […]

Christmas vacation – day 3

It’s my birthday – 57 years – my goodness, where did the years go? When I look in the mirror or see a picture of myself I sometimes wonder what happened. This is not me, I’m not this old! On the inside I could still be 21 or 30, and the wrinkly and grey haired […]

From a Danish Christmas lunch

Today was the day when 7 of my good old friends came to spend the day and eat Christmas lunch with me. Christmas lunch or ‘julefrokost’ is a Danish tradition and usually happens before Christmas but can also happen after, all the way into January. Most people go to at least one Christmas lunch every […]

The adventures of a five dollar bill

Todays assignment: Trace the journey of a five dollar bill through the lives of five different owners. What was exchanged during the transactions? How much (or how little) did the transaction mean to each of the people involved? The five dollar bill was lying in a pink, heart shaped piggy bank together with two twenty […]

A day without coffee

Todays assignment: Desire – begin a story in which a character wants something – a loan, a parking space, a glass of water, anything – right away. “Hold that bus!” She ran up the few steps to the street, zigzagged between the passengers who had just left the bus, and had almost reached the back […]


Today’s assignment: Describe one of the more than 300,000 Americans who according to the National Coffee Organization drink more than 10 cups of coffee every day. Thomas and I met at high school in the late 80’es. Back then he was medium high and skinny, had light blond shoulder length hair and blue, protruding, watery […]