Happy New Year!

For all I know, my parents never celebrated New year’s eve. They had their traditions for this one day of the year when it came to food though. Lunch consisted of a white wine soup with raisins and clouds of beat egg whites with sugar and dumplings made of wheat, yeast, milk and salt cooked […]

Good bye Christmas, hello New year’s eve!

So, my families big Christmas get together is finally over, and I am back home, where it’s still sort of Christmas and now we’re looking forward to New year’s eve.   This is how our Christmas tree looked after the cat plaid in it and made it fall It’s colder now, and while the snow didn’t […]

It’s that time of year

Before Christmas every year I watch a long line of classics – or at least they are in my book. Some of the movies I’ve seen since I was a child, like  It’s a wonderful life with James Steward and  We’re no angels with Humphrey Bogart Others are movies I started watching while my daughters […]

The colors of a Danish Christmas

As I told you earlier, Christmas wasn’t really celebrated in most Danish homes before World War 1. Before that time people imagined their house gods, the so called nisser, to be dressed very much like themselves, in grey, green and brown colors. It was only after the nisser lost their status as house gods and […]

It’s getting darker

Officially it’s still autumn, but last night we already had the first frost, and the days are noticeably shorter now, even so it’s 7 more weeks till midwinter.   This is part of our very lon driveway, and somewhere far behind the trees is our house I’m no autumn and winter person. I love light […]


  Midsummer bonfire at Skagen Sønderstrand (not my picture) In case you didn’t notice: today is the 24th of June and we are exactly in the middle between two Christmases. This is midsummer, which is a big thing in Scandinavia, because it’s the time of year when we have the most light. Where I am […]

From a Danish Christmas lunch

Today was the day when 7 of my good old friends came to spend the day and eat Christmas lunch with me. Christmas lunch or ‘julefrokost’ is a Danish tradition and usually happens before Christmas but can also happen after, all the way into January. Most people go to at least one Christmas lunch every […]

About buying Christmas gifts

Christmas is normally a time when I spend large amounts of money on gifts for my girls and on food. I don’t know why, maybe to make up for us being such a small family. This year is going to be different though. Because we are going to spend Christmas with the girls dad and […]

Culinary Delights

Today’s assignment: Write a story or a scene that centers around an extraordinary meal. My childhood was filled with a never ending stream of delicious home cooked meals my mother prepared in her own kitchen. As I mentioned earlier we never ever went out to eat and as far as I know, my mom never […]