Good bye Christmas, hello New year’s eve!

So, my families big Christmas get together is finally over, and I am back home, where it’s still sort of Christmas and now we’re looking forward to New year’s eve.   This is how our Christmas tree looked after the cat plaid in it and made it fall It’s colder now, and while the snow didn’t […]

We’re so ready for Christmas!

So far we’ve been on the island for 3 days. We’re four of my five siblings and I and some of our children and partners, 12 people all in all. We’ve been out several times and have filled our cars with food and drink, so now the fridge is full and all the cupboards too. […]

Only your phantasy sets the limit

Braiding traditional Scandinavian Christmas hearts can be as simple as braiding two times two loops of paper into each other.     (found at Or you can make it a bit more complicated and cut your papers into as many loops as you can handle.  (found at If you would like to make it more […]

Classic braided Christmas heart

  Most Scandinavian Christmas trees are decorated with this kind of homemade hearts. Please click to enlarge the picture (not my picture) The classic Christmas heart is made from two pieces of paper (a white one and a red one) and a handle – the handle is the only part that has to be glued […]

A light in the dark

In my part of the world the sun today went up at 8.31 AM and down at 3.34 PM. That means we had 7 hours 3 minutes of daylight and 16 hours 57 minutes of darkness. In 10 days, on December 21rst, on the shortest day and longest night of the year, the sun will […]

The colors of a Danish Christmas

As I told you earlier, Christmas wasn’t really celebrated in most Danish homes before World War 1. Before that time people imagined their house gods, the so called nisser, to be dressed very much like themselves, in grey, green and brown colors. It was only after the nisser lost their status as house gods and […]

It’s getting darker

Officially it’s still autumn, but last night we already had the first frost, and the days are noticeably shorter now, even so it’s 7 more weeks till midwinter.   This is part of our very lon driveway, and somewhere far behind the trees is our house I’m no autumn and winter person. I love light […]

Christmas vacation, day 1

My Christmas lunch yesterday went really well and after finishing cleaning up after it, my youngest and I packed our suitcases for our vacation. My oldest picked us up and drove us to the train station – she’s a sweetheart – and we took a train from Aarhus to Odense (where Hans Christian Andersen came […]

About Christmas traditions

Todays assignment: Write naked As I told you in an earlier post that’s not going to happen. It’s winter and cold and apart from that I would just feel silly. Instead I want to talk to you about Christmas. Again. I’ve often wondered how others handle other peoples and especially their parents expectations for Christmas. […]

About Christmas traditions

When I was a child I thought that Christmas is celebrated the same way all over the world. After living in three different European countries so far I know that that’s not the case. Until I was about ten we used the old tradition where I come from, where children place a shoe in a […]