Amsterdams Chinatown

The first Chinese settlers in Amsterdam used to load and stoke the coals on the large passenger ships. That is why they lived near the old harbor. By the time their industry vanished, the Chinese started opening shops and restaurants in the area, which is the heart of Amsterdam’s oldest city center, and today most […]

French fries with war and Turkish pizza in Amsterdam

One of the most sold foods on the fast food marked in Amsterdam are so called Vlaamse frieten, the Belgium version of French fries, and you can get them everywhere in town. The absolutely best fries you can get, and the best I’ve ever had, are made by an Indian lady, who sells her produce […]

Be forewarned if you want to eat in Amsterdam (1)

Amsterdam’s inhabitants come from all over the world and that’s reflected in the food you find here.    It is possible to find a place to eat for every taste and wallet, for instance restaurants with French, Spanish, Italian, Australian, Chinese, Indian and even Ethiopian or Somalian food. There are hundreds, if not thousands of […]

About not following your passion

Todays assignment: Write about a dream or a goal that you failed to achieve. What went wrong? And how did the experience change you? In 1991 I had studied German and Chinese forever without really feeling passion for any of it. I also had discovered an unexpected passion for something totally different: pottery. Years before […]

When I grow up I want to be …

Today’s assignment: Imagine what life would be like if you had the occupation you’d wanted as a child. The concept of girls learning a trade or even getting a longer education is fairly new in my family. As far as I know I was the first woman ever going to university. In my family women […]