An old mans advice about bringing up children

Bragging about my daughter yesterday made me think of a piece of advice I got many years ago, and which I want to forward to you. I have younger siblings and always wanted to have children of my own. When I finally got pregnant and also after I’d got my first beautiful little girl, I read […]

We’re so ready for Christmas!

So far we’ve been on the island for 3 days. We’re four of my five siblings and I and some of our children and partners, 12 people all in all. We’ve been out several times and have filled our cars with food and drink, so now the fridge is full and all the cupboards too. […]

Cannibalism – almost like in the civilized world – pages 38 and 39

Among Alma Nissens patients there are also children. Just like the adults they get a cleansing through a liquid diet and afterwards a vegetarian diet. In the picture beneath Alma Nissen examines the medicine patients have put down after they started her cure. – The medicine often only suppresses the symptoms and has side effects that […]

Peoples state of health – page 15

10.000 patients at Brandal Helsehjem over the last 30 years And those patients tell the tales of their suffering That’s why I really know that I’m talking about! The work we do here at Brandal Helsehjem is not quackery, because we don’t use medicine or strange treatments. It’s all about detoxing the patients with fluid […]

The time I scared my killer

Todays assignment: Panic There are few things in live that can give you strength like when your children are in danger. We’ve probably all heard of the tiny mom who weighs no more than 100 pounds, but is able to lift a whole truck because her baby is stuck under it? Well, in my experience […]

Five years tops!

Todays assignment: Thirty-four percent of new American public school teachers say they plan to quit their profession within five years.  Write about one of them. Mr. Gunderson walked slowly along the corridor. It was noon on the day before summer vacation and the school was unusually quiet. Most of the doors to the class rooms […]

Double graduation

Todays assignment: Write about a graduation ceremony that was particularly meaningful for you I didn’t know that it would be that way before I got children, but for nearly 31 years now my girls have been the most important part of my life. We’ve lived alone the three of us most of their childhood and […]


Todays assignment: Just that one word and an old picture of a little girl in a dress, and she is not happy Under my desk, right next to where I sit, I have several boxes containing hundreds of photographs. I got those boxes earlier this year when my mom died and we had to empty […]

Most likely to succeed

Todays assignment: Write about your time at high school, about the class clown, the lunch lady, the most popular kid, the teacher who had an affair with one of his pupils or the person who was labeled Most likely to succeed.  Most likely to succeed. What does that mean? I mean, think about it. Is […]

Describe your first brush with danger

I was born in 1956 and remember being a child in the 60’es. My hometown was a tiny city, populated by about 2500 good people, in the northern part of Germany. It was a real city, not a village, as everybody there would tell you, if you should be in doubt. I guess it was, […]