More about chemicals

Once you start thinking about all the chemicals in our surroundings it’s hard to stop again. Look for instance at the stuff we use to clean our houses. In reality we don’t know what all those cleaners are made of, and whether or not they are dangerous to our health, but a good rule of […]

Also the rest of the beauty industry has a lot to answer for

Together we spend billions every year to look different, younger, better. Unfortunately the biggest part of products from baby wipes and tooth paste over lotions and deodorants, shampoos and hair colors, foundation, mascara, lipstick and rouge and hundreds of other products till perfume, contain lots and lots of chemicals, heavy metals and even ridiculous ingredients […]

What I do to stay healthy

Todays assignment: Write about the most serious injury or health problem you’ve ever faced. The thing is that I am a very healthy person. At least the healthiest person I know. Apart from a very weird reaction every time I eat pigs meat I’ve inherited from my grandpa (who died from it in a far too […]