Until 1875 it was possible to see the open water from here. All you can see now in that direction is the Centraal Station. Martelaarsgracht was once a canal, and in 1661 a night lodging place, de Nieuwe Stadsherberg, was built on piles in the open water right here, where the canal and the open […]

Amsterdam’s churches – Dominicuskerk

Dominicuskerk The Dominicuskerk is a Neo-Gothic church on Spuistraat and was between 1882 – 1893 built as a Roman Catholic Church by Pierre Cuypers, who amongst many other things also build Amsterdam’s Centraal Station and Rijksmuseum.   The original plans included a very high tower (93 m), but in the end the church got no […]

Proeflokalen III

 Cafe Karpershoek  The oldest traces of cafe Karpershoek on Martelaarsgracht date back to the year 1606, when Karpershoek opened its door as a bottlery. Even then the café was frequently visited by sailors who docked at the nearby port. Today the place still has sand on the floor just like it had back in the […]

Places in Amsterdam I’ve told you about so far

Since I started telling you about Amsterdam on January 18th and about what I’ve learned about the city’s historie, I’ve told you about quite a few events that can be pinned down and so I think it’s a good idea to show you those places on maps. Amsterdams city:   1. Lindengracht: the Eel Rebelion […]

Noord-Zuid Hollandsch Koffiehuis

  When you leave Amsterdams Centraal Station through its main entrance and look to your left, you’ll see Het Noord-Zuid Hollandsch Koffiehuis, also called Smits Koffiehuis, a white house in pavilion style, which has been there since 1919. It used to have a large pier from which boats sailed to a little station in northern […]

The Victoria Hotel

 The red arrow points at the Victoria Hotel at the Prins Hendrik kade across from the Centraal Station Every tourist in Amsterdam, who at some point goes to the Centraal Station, has seen the Victoria Hotel. It’s in the Prins Hendrikkade right across the street from the station and about 50 meters to the right […]

Amsterdam was thriving again

Due to men like Sarphati the city was thriving better than ever, and the end of the 19th century became a period of blooming prosperity.  More and more people found employment in the fast growing industry, and companies in new industrial branches started up, like for example Spijkers cars. Also the trade resurrected, but it […]