Why do we do it?

Todays assignment: Gossip It is said that the person who gossips with you about somebody else, also gossips with somebody else about you. Most of us have probably been told not to tell about others when we were children, even so telling and gossiping are pretty much the same thing, and we all do it. […]

When enough is enough

Todays assignment: Protest How do you handle getting angry? Every once in a decade or two it happens to me: I get angry. Don’t get me wrong. I can get annoyed sometimes, but angry, really angry, is something I don’t get if I can avoid it. It’s very unpleasant while it lasts and afterwards I […]

Dress code

Todays assignment: Just the one word: Suits, and a picture of people in suits with their arms up, triumphing and smiling. The only men dressed in suits I remember from my childhood were my Danish uncle, who was a sales rep for some kind of machinery, and the headmaster of my school. My uncle wore […]