How the Dutch speak

I realize that I’ve been rambling on about Amsterdam for more than 5 month now, so maybe it’s time to wrap it up and start writing about something else, but before I do that I would like to write just a tiny little bit about the Dutch language. Historically the name Nederlande (which means low […]

Amsterdam’s markets

A large part of the daily trading takes place from stalls at the city’s many markets. Quite a few of them are only held one day a week, but there are also large markets which are held six days a week. Below you find a list of the various markets with opening hours. Albert Cuyp […]

Asterix and Obelix and wild boars

Todays assignment: Infectious As I told you earlier, my parents had 6 children, and the first of us came in a nice rhythm: boy, girl, boy, girl. Then there was a slight hick up and a ten years break, and the last two of us were girl, boy. There are almost precisely 20 years between […]