In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries something called doolhoven played a major role in the evening- and night life of the cities. At Prinsengracht 336-340 there was such a doolhof, where people could find music, beer and pictures made out of wax. The purpose of these wax figures was to attract and entertain guests. Most […]

Final words about food in Amsterdam

In most supermarkets vegetarians can find replacements for meat in the form of sausages, hamburgers, shawarma, minced meat, cordonbleu and many other products made from soy or milk.   Meat replacements Supermarkets also have wine and beer, but if you want something stronger than that you have to go to something called a “slijterij”. Many […]

Christmas vacation – day 3

It’s my birthday – 57 years – my goodness, where did the years go? When I look in the mirror or see a picture of myself I sometimes wonder what happened. This is not me, I’m not this old! On the inside I could still be 21 or 30, and the wrinkly and grey haired […]

Christmas evening is over

What a great day! Most of the others rise early, so today began at the crack of dawn with a light breakfast and a brisk walk to the beach (for the others, I stayed here and worked a little).        My youngest at the beach In the afternoon some of us played a game […]

From a Danish Christmas lunch

Today was the day when 7 of my good old friends came to spend the day and eat Christmas lunch with me. Christmas lunch or ‘julefrokost’ is a Danish tradition and usually happens before Christmas but can also happen after, all the way into January. Most people go to at least one Christmas lunch every […]

How to not get drunk

Todays assignment: Tipsy When you’re drinking alcohol, depending on how long you keep on drinking, you will experience three stages. Well, actually you can experience more stages than that, but believe me, you’ll never want to go there. The three stages are sober, tipsy and drunk. The sober stage is quickly over and hopefully you’ve […]


Today’s assignment: Vacation Between 1990 and 2000 my girls and I spend every single summer vacation on an island in the part of the Baltic Sea that’s called Kattegat. We would travel by train or sometimes by car and one time even by bicycle to the town Frederikshavn up north in Jutland and then take […]

Ivan Wennerwald Andersen

Today’s assignment: Write about your first kiss One of the good things about going to a Danish school in Germany was that we came quite a lot round and about. Many of us did not have parents or other family who spoke Danish and so we had to go to the motherland and learn to […]