Finally the craftsmen are showing up

Yesterday the carpenter came and pulled down one wall, so where there was a long narrow room and a long narrow hallway there is now a larger open room with enough space for a long dining table. It’s going to be great.   Before     After   A table like this would be gorgeous […]

Dreaming of my new flat

Today I finally went upstairs to take some pictures of my new flat. It has too many small rooms for me alone and some of the walls will have to be taken down, but once that’s done I would be able to do everything else myself.   The bathroom needs paintwork   I think that […]

Why not use that wall in your living room (or bedroom) ?

For years I’ve wanted to make a vision board, because people keep talking about what a great help it is for focusing on your goals. Somehow it never worked out for me though. First I had a large piece of paper to tape all my pictures and goals to, but had no tape. Then I […]

The red key

Todays assignment: Invent a character who suspects his or her spouse of infidelity. Perhaps the story starts with a mysterious phone call, or the discovery of unfamiliar shoes beneath the bed … She pulled the plug of the vacuum cleaner out of the socket in the hall, opened the door to the bedroom and plugged […]

Waiting for Madge

Todays assignment: Write a story opening with an alarm clock that’s ringing With his eyes closed he reached out from beneath the blanket with his right arm and pressed the snooze button. Then he turned over on the other side and snuggled deeper into his pillow. It was Saturday and he had the whole day […]