Day 12 of the experiment

My diet pretty much takes care of itself. I cook a batch of the soup once a day, and it takes me about 15 minutes to prepare the vegetables plus half an hour cooking time, and that’s all the preparation there is for my meals that day. It means that I have a lot of […]

Amsterdam’s markets

A large part of the daily trading takes place from stalls at the city’s many markets. Quite a few of them are only held one day a week, but there are also large markets which are held six days a week. Below you find a list of the various markets with opening hours. Albert Cuyp […]

Art returned to Amsterdam

While the more affluent among the locals build palaces for themselves in the area south of the Rijksmuseum, and the Vondelpark was laid out in English landscape style to give the rich the appropriate background for their stroll on Sunday afternoons, others looked with horror at the poorer urban districts and their overcrowded and poor […]

To walk in Aarhus

Today’s assignment: Take a walk If you like to walk, the Danish city Aarhus, where I live, is perfect. It is small enough so you can go pretty much everywhere on foot or bike, and it has everything you need, shopping wise and entertainment wise. The red dot is where I live and the yellow […]