I meant well

Describe a time when you’ve settled an argument between to people. 22 years ago I interfered in the relationship of a couple. They were friends of my husband and me. We had known him longer than her. I went to school with him and we made some business together, while we went to school and […]

The time I scared my killer

Todays assignment: Panic There are few things in live that can give you strength like when your children are in danger. We’ve probably all heard of the tiny mom who weighs no more than 100 pounds, but is able to lift a whole truck because her baby is stuck under it? Well, in my experience […]

How to not get drunk

Todays assignment: Tipsy When you’re drinking alcohol, depending on how long you keep on drinking, you will experience three stages. Well, actually you can experience more stages than that, but believe me, you’ll never want to go there. The three stages are sober, tipsy and drunk. The sober stage is quickly over and hopefully you’ve […]

Werner & Gertie

Todays assignment: In-laws Over the years there have been quite a few men in my life. I was married to two of them, lived together with a few others and then there were some, who were just boyfriends. As a consequence I’ve had many in-laws in my life. Most of them were nice and decent […]

Mr. Bruhn

Todays assignment: Write about a child that makes a decision that – wittingly or unwittingly – alters the course of his or her future. Back in my time the Danish private school in our town had ten grades. The first four or five grades were common for all pupils. After that we were divided into […]