Famous people I know

Today’s assignment: Describe your first encounter with a celebrity When I was a little girl our neighbor, who worked as a cleaning lady at a teacher’s home, arranged for me to go and play with that teacher’s daughter. She was a little younger than I and the single child of a single mom, and I […]

Do you know what I’m doing?

Today’s assignment: Write a story that begins with a phone call In the beginning of the 80’es my high school sweet heart Torben and I moved to a dormitory right outside Aarhus. The dorm had several kinds of living quarters. Some of them where rooms with private bathrooms and a common living room and kitchen […]


Today’s assignment: Describe one of the more than 300,000 Americans who according to the National Coffee Organization drink more than 10 cups of coffee every day. Thomas and I met at high school in the late 80’es. Back then he was medium high and skinny, had light blond shoulder length hair and blue, protruding, watery […]