Why do we do it?

Todays assignment: Gossip It is said that the person who gossips with you about somebody else, also gossips with somebody else about you. Most of us have probably been told not to tell about others when we were children, even so telling and gossiping are pretty much the same thing, and we all do it. […]

Christmas vacation – day 3

It’s my birthday – 57 years – my goodness, where did the years go? When I look in the mirror or see a picture of myself I sometimes wonder what happened. This is not me, I’m not this old! On the inside I could still be 21 or 30, and the wrinkly and grey haired […]

Christmas evening is over

What a great day! Most of the others rise early, so today began at the crack of dawn with a light breakfast and a brisk walk to the beach (for the others, I stayed here and worked a little).        My youngest at the beach In the afternoon some of us played a game […]

Christmas vacation, day 2

The house we spend our Christmas vacation in, has lots of bedrooms and still it’s most convenient that I sleep on a sofa, but it’s a most comfortable sofa and last night I slept well. It’s unbelievable quiet here. The only sounds come from the air condition, the fridge, the heater and the wind. Even […]

Christmas vacation, day 1

My Christmas lunch yesterday went really well and after finishing cleaning up after it, my youngest and I packed our suitcases for our vacation. My oldest picked us up and drove us to the train station – she’s a sweetheart – and we took a train from Aarhus to Odense (where Hans Christian Andersen came […]

Maybe I should Feng Shui my house

Todays assignment: Tidy up your desk. Apply the four basic principals of Feng Shui to your work area: eliminate clutter; eliminate all broken and useless objects; make sure that 50% of your walls and work area are clear; be sure you love everything you have. My little book also tells me that Donald Trump, Merill […]

About buying Christmas gifts

Christmas is normally a time when I spend large amounts of money on gifts for my girls and on food. I don’t know why, maybe to make up for us being such a small family. This year is going to be different though. Because we are going to spend Christmas with the girls dad and […]

What women want

Today’s assignment: Ladies man Women don’t talk about it very often but I guess that most of us are looking for a ladies man. And by ladies man I don’t mean a player or cheater. My idea of a ladies man is (in order of importance) a man who is: charming well groomed well mannered […]

Fear of hights

Todays assignment: Fear of fear itself When I was a child and young, I remember not being afraid of anything. I climbed towers and walked into dangerous situations without ever thinking about it twice. Then, when I was 19 years old, I climbed a tower in Laboe near Kiel in Germany. The tower is a […]