Party games

Here in our house we play games, and it’s especially my daughter Julie and son in law Per who are the driving forces behind it. They know games they play when it’s just the two of them, games for when we are 3 or 4 people, and games for when we are many, indoors and outdoors, summer and winter.

The 13th of January was Julie’s birthday and yesterday we had her birthday party with lots of old and new friends, excellent food, cold beer and of course games.

We are in the middle of winter and it’s cold, dark and wet outside, so we stayed indoors and some of us started with a game where you clap your hands and clap your knees in the rhythm of Queens “We will rock you”.

First we found the rhythm together – everybody has to clap the Queens rhythm throughout the whole game – then we had a round where each of us found his/her hand sign, which is just a simple thing you do with one or both of your hands (like scratching your head, holding your hands in front of your eyes, pecking your nose at the world) while you still follow the rhythm – clap your knees, clap your hands, do your sign, clap your hands and so on.

Next step in the game is that somebody makes his/her own sign followed by somebody else’s sign – clap your knees, clap your hands, do your sign, clap your hands, do somebody else’s sign, clap your hands.

After that the person whose sign was done, takes over – clap your hands, do your sign, clap your hands, do somebody else’s sign, clap your hands and so on. It is always the person whose sign was done last, who has to take over.

Then the rhythm gets faster and faster.

What can I say – I lost.

The next game we played is something we call “Who am I?”

In this game you can decide to follow a theme – like actors, book titles, plants, films, animals, buildings and so on – and each person at the table writes a word or a name on a sticky note and sticks that note to the forehead of his neighbor to the left. That neighbor is the only person who is not supposed to read what’s on that sticky note.

One person starts asking questions like “Am I a person?”, “Am I a man?”, “Am I blue?”. As long as the answer is yes, the same person can keep on asking more questions until he/she gets a no. Then it’s the next person clockwise who can ask his questions and so on.

You can play until the first person guesses who he/she is, but we normally play until all have guessed who they are.

In the third game we played yesterday, each person gets a stack of scraps of paper (5 or 10 or 20) and a pen and writes words or names on them. The paper scraps are folded and put in a bowl, and we divide the number of people into teams – yesterday the kids table was one team and the grown up’s table was another team.

First one person from the first team gets the bowl, picks a scrap of paper, reads it and describes the word on the paper to the rest of his team, without using the word. When the word’s been guessed, he/she takes another scrap and so on. The same person can continue taking new papers and the team can continue guessing for a minute. If the last word hasn’t been guessed within that minute, the paper goes back into the bowl and it’s the second teams turn to pick scraps of paper and guess.

Within the teams the people take clockwise turns on reading the papers.

When all the papers have been read and guessed, the teams count how many scraps they’ve got, and the score is written down.

The scraps of paper are going back into the bowl, and then we play charades. Again the answers are given within the teams and the turns go clockwise and are one minute long for one team and then one minute for the other team in turns.

At the end we again count our scraps of paper and write down the score, and the scraps go back into the bowl.

This time we again do like before – turns of one minute, clockwise within the teams, first the one team, then the other – but the only thing the person, who reads the paper, is allowed to do, is to say one word and from that the rest of the team has to guess what the word is.

In the end the scraps are counted again and the team which got the highest score wins.

It was a lot of fun and we had a great party.

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