About painted floors

The fact that the floors in my new flat aren’t good enough to just get painted is a bit of a disappointment to me actually, because I’ve dreamt of painted floors for a long time, you know, some of those you see in magazines all the time.

hvid stue med brun lænestol hvid stue med hvidt gulv hvid stue med pejs og alkove hvid stue med ure hvidt køkken med hvidt gulv hvidt skrivebord med hvidt gulv hvidt soveværelse med hvidt gulv og spejl hvidt soveværelse med sort seng white loft with beany bag White loft with bed white painted floor and green chairs  Now you know what I mean (not my pictures)

Where do people find those floors anyway? Some time ago I counted how many times I’ve moved from place to place during my life and found out that this moving is my number 28, and in none of those places there were floors I could have painted. They were either too shabby or too chick.

When I moved into my first Dutch flat in Amsterdam in 2003 I went to the library quite often to find inspiration, and there I found some pretty good explanations of how to make floors from plywood. They were so good, I actually took copies of the pages.

gulv af birkemultiplex 1 gulv af birkemultiplex 2 lakering af et traegulv 1 lakering af et traegulv 2  fliser af hardboard 1 fliser af hardboard 2  (not my pictures)

Unfortunately my floors weren’t good enough to get painted, neither in my first or my second or my third flat in Amsterdam (did you know that many of the flats you can rent in Amsterdam have neither a floor nor a ceiling? It’s very common to take them with you when you move).

Back in Denmark on the other hand rented homes in the cities and in the suburbs have very nice floors. You can cover them with carpets, but you get into real trouble if you go and paint them.

The poor floors in my new flat could become a really good thing, if only I could convince my landlord that it’s in his interest to let me fix the floors and that it would save him money.

Wish me luck!



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