Dreaming of my new flat

WP_20150103_13_03_38_Pro Today I finally went upstairs to take some pictures of my new flat. It has too many small rooms for me alone and some of the walls will have to be taken down, but once that’s done I would be able to do everything else myself.

WP_20150104_14_05_14_Pro WP_20150104_14_05_03_Pro WP_20150104_14_05_28_Pro WP_20150104_14_05_40_Pro WP_20150104_14_05_59_Pro WP_20150104_14_06_19_Pro  The bathroom needs paintwork seaglass  I think that colors like these are nice for a bathroom (not my picture)

WP_20150104_14_07_37_Pro WP_20150104_14_07_49_Pro WP_20150104_14_08_03_Pro  This is a long and narrow room, and the longest straight wall in it will be taken down WP_20150104_14_07_16_Pro and connected to this long narrow corridor, so there will be enough space for a large dining table hvidt spisebord i hvide omgivelser  I’m thinking of something like this (not my picture)

WP_20150104_14_06_47_Pro On the opposite side of the corridor there is this (also) long and narrow room, which can be turned into a: walk in closet in white walk in closet (not my picture) white bed with under bed storage or guestroom (not my picture)

WP_20150104_14_09_20_Pro WP_20150104_14_09_29_Pro WP_20150104_14_09_40_Pro WP_20150104_14_09_49_Pro This room might have been an office earlier

I am thinking of using it as a sitting room

hvid norsk stue Maybe like this (not my picture) hvidt interiør til stuen (kontoret) Or like this (not my picture)

The largest room of the flat has probably been a living room earlier

WP_20150104_14_11_07_Pro WP_20150104_14_11_33_Pro WP_20150104_14_11_58_Pro It is going to be my office / working room hvide reeoler ved hvid skråvæg With lots of bookcases (not my picture) along this inclined wall WP_20150104_14_10_42_Pro,

daybed for my office a daybed (not my picture) in this corner WP_20150104_14_11_33_Pro from where I can see the stars at night,

and a white working table along one of the straight walls hvidt arbejdsbord (not my picture)

Then there are two other tiny rooms next to each other: 

WP_20150104_14_12_16_Pro WP_20150104_14_12_31_Pro WP_20150104_14_14_13_Pro WP_20150104_14_13_42_Pro

I want the wall between those rooms to be removed, so I can have one larger bedroom

hvidt soveværelse Something in this direction (not my picture)

Some time ago there were some people here who removed all the old carpets. I had hoped, that they would find old wooden floors underneath, but in most rooms they only found subfloors that can’t be transformed into anything nice looking. Only in one room they found an old wooden floor, but it’s worm bidden with large spaces between the old planks, and I doubt that it can be turned into something nice either. My landlord want’s to put some cheap click floors all over the flat, but I hope to be able to convince him that it’s a better option to let me make a cheap floor out of plywood which I can paint in just the color I want.

I would like to do something like this hvidt selvlavet plywood gulv

or maybe this hvisdt painted-plywood-sub-floor to the floor (not my pictures)

And I would either paint it white or like this gråt gulv (not my picture)

In the before mentioned corridor there are also some fitted wardrobes WP_20150104_14_08_42_Pro WP_20150104_14_08_58_Pro

and I would like to use one of them only for my shoes et skoskab (i en anden farve) (not my picture)

To be continued…


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