Happy New Year!

For all I know, my parents never celebrated New year’s eve. They had their traditions for this one day of the year when it came to food though.

Lunch consisted of a white wine soup with raisins and clouds of beat egg whites with sugar and dumplings made of wheat, yeast, milk and salt cooked in fat and served with sugar.

Dinner was potato salad and sausages. Always.

Apart from the traditional food December 31rst was the same as any other day, and my parents went to bed somewhere between 8 and 10. There was no party and no fire works. Ever.

For me New years eve doesn’t mean that much either. I’ve been to many parties and I’ve held many parties, but when I’m really honest, I prefer the last day of the year to be quiet and to reflect about the past year and think about the year to come instead of having a big party and lots of people around me.

This year I held New year’s eve with my daughters and my son in law and our housemate and some friends.

WP_20141230_15_10_48_Pro  WP_20141230_15_11_04_Pro

WP_20141230_15_10_40_Pro  Some of our fellow shoppers looked rather desperate

WP_20141230_15_16_39_Pro  We had to wait in line for a long time

WP_20141230_15_10_16_Pro  Still my girls had fun

We’d been out shopping at a local supermarket at the same time as several thousand other people, and we bought lots and lots of food and beer and champagne and wine and chips, and then we took down all the Christmas decorations and prepared for our party, and I even prepared a room in my new flat on  the first floor, from  where we were able to see all the fireworks in a nearby suburb of Aarhus, so we could sit and have a drink and enjoy the view.

WP_20141230_15_18_13_Pro  Our shopping cart

The girls prepared the food and we had an excellent dinner with three courses consisting of fish and seafood, beef and dessert.

WP_20141231_17_54_33_Pro  While we waited for our Queen

We also watched our Queens traditional New years speech and the traditional broadcast of the 90est birthday and we played some games.

WP_20141231_17_55_04_Pro She always makes her speech at 6 PM on  New year’s eve

WP_20141231_17_56_13_Pro  And her guard makes a special appearance

WP_20141231_18_13_41_Pro  I have no idea why her head disappeared on the photo

Then, when the fireworks were over and everybody else returned to the ground floor, I stayed up there in my new flat, and thought about what I want to do with the place, when I move into it.

It’s a big flat and the possibilities are plenty. One of them is to place a sofa bed under a window in the ceiling so I can look at the stars at night, and I really would like that.

I think I will go up and take pictures of how the flat looks now, and then I will keep you up to date about, what I’m doing to make the flat my own private place.

Now it’s half past two in the night, and I’ve returned to my (guest)room, while the party is still going on.

I think I will call it a night.

Have a good New Year’s eve and a great and prosperous new year!


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