Classic braided Christmas heart

flettet julehjerte 001  Most Scandinavian Christmas trees are decorated with this kind of homemade hearts. Please click to enlarge the picture (not my picture)

The classic Christmas heart is made from two pieces of paper (a white one and a red one) and a handle – the handle is the only part that has to be glued on.

  1. Cut two pieces of paper (red and white) 7 x 23 cm
  2. Fold the pieces in the middle with the colored side inwards.
  3. Draw the three lines and the arc, which have to be cut with scissors.
  4. Cut following the lines
  5. Fold the two pieces of the heart so the colored sides face outwards.
  6. Braid the two parts into each other and glue the handle on.

Traditionally these hearts are filled with a few pieces of chocolate or candy or maybe raisins while they are hanging on the tree and the children are only allowed to empty the hearts after the Christmas party is over.

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