It had to be done!


Today was a bright and sunny, but rather cold day. It also was the last day in the lives of our 5 Faverolles roosters.

My daughter and son in law got 6 small faverolles and 2 small Sussex chickens this spring and had hoped that a few of them would turn out to be hens, but no such luck. It soon became clear that they were all roosters.

One Sussex died suddenly while they were still quite small and one of the faverolles was slaughtered and eaten as a tester a couple of month ago, but the rest enjoyed a very free life with lots of good food and the company of some nice hens.


Lately they began making a lot of noise and started crowing around 1.30 AM, but it wasn’t because of the noise we decided to move them to our freezer, it was because they were real bullies.

Yesterday we had to interfere when we saw 3 of them going after one of our young hens, who is half the size they were. One was holding her down with his own weight, one hit her in the head with his beak and one raped her.

That was it. We teamed up with some of our friends, who came this morning, and my son in law and his friend helped each other kill the birds.

store slagtedag, per og kasper 3

I think that unless you are a psychopath, killing an animal is not something you look forward to or take lightly, and the faverolles only lived this long because we all had to get to terms with the fact that this was something that had to happen, but the boys succeeded in doing it in a peaceful and dignified way. The roosters never got scared or even realized that anything was going to happen before it was over.

slagtedag på husumgård  WP_20141206_11_25_20_Pro  WP_20141206_11_25_42_Pro

Afterwards we had to pluck their feathers, but we were enough people, so we took one each and it was over within an hour. My son in law cut them up and cleaned their insides, and four of them went in the freezer while the last became todays dinner.

store slagtedag, per og lærke

We cleaned up the place before we let the hens and the remaining Sussex rooster out. He is a much friendlier and more polite guy, and I hope that keeping him will turn out to be a great decision.



2 thoughts on “It had to be done!

  1. So few of us now have any connection with the animals on our menu. Thank you for sharing this process. Your observations on the aggression of animals is an interesting reflection of what we see among our fellow humans.

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