Jays, pheasants and a mouse-eating dog

It was light, when I got up today, and outside my bedroom window a jay was enjoying some of the cereals we’d put out there for the chickens and hens.

WP_20141204_10_46_21_Pro (2)

Jays are very shy birds, one unexpected move and they are gone, but I was very careful and lucky to get a picture of the little beauty before it flew away.


The dogs were impatient already, so out we went, past the chicken run and other places with interesting smells, before Maggie got the scent of something next to a tree.



It happened very fast, she just put her nose down to the ground hard and fast two or three times, and then I could see that she had something in her mouth.


When I got to her, she spit it out and showed it to me – a little mouse – rolled it around a little with her nose, to make sure it really was dead, then hovered over it while she kept an eye on her brother, who never realized what had happened but was running around in his usual goofy way.


I tried to take a good picture of the mouse without having to touch it, but then Maggie picked it up again and before I was able to react, chewed on it twice and swallowed it, which probably means we will have to treat her for worms sometime soon.

WP_20141204_12_18_15_Pro WP_20141204_12_18_46_Pro WP_20141204_12_18_58_Pro

Our cat took a mouse in our kitchen a few weeks ago, but there is at least one more living in there somewhere that is driving the cat crazy, because it hasn’t been able to catch it as well, so now we are all rooting for Maggie.


We went back home, and when I was on my way out to put some more wood in the oven/central heating, a pheasant had found and was enjoying the cereals, so today was like living on discovery channel.


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