It’s that time of year

Before Christmas every year I watch a long line of classics – or at least they are in my book.

Some of the movies I’ve seen since I was a child, like

It's_A_Wonderful_Life It’s a wonderful life with James Steward


We're no angels We’re no angels with Humphrey Bogart

Others are movies I started watching while my daughters were children like

National-Lampoons-ChristmasVacation-image-national-lampoons-christmasvacation-36345007-1280-720 Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase

home-alone-1-poster-widescreen-2  Home alone 1

home-alone-2-lost-in-new-york-original1  Home alone 2


the-muppet-christmas-carol-poster  The Muppet Christmas Carol

As my daughters got older we also started watching

Die Hard 1  Die Hard 1

Die-Hard-2--Die-Harder-die-hard-62085_1024_768  Die Hard 2


the-long-kiss-goodnight-1996-in-hindi  The long kiss goodnight with Samuel L Jackson and Geena Davis

When the girls began watching romance movies, we added movies like

Sleepless-in-Seattle-sleepless-in-seattle-2974781-900-350  Sleepless in Seattle with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks

while-you-were-sleeping-original-jpg  While you were sleeping with Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman


love actually  Love Actually with a long line of great actors like Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson and Rowan Atkinson

The classic over them all of course is A Christmas Carol, and many have made a new version over the years.

patrickstewartscrooge_a christmas carol  I escpecially like the one with Patrick Stewart


a christmas carol with him carrey  the newer one with Jim Carrey

I am a big fan of Tom Hanks, so on my very own list of favorites you also find

The polar express  The Polar Express

We still keep on adding new movies to our Christmas list, and now there aren’t enough days in December anymore to watch them all, so we made an early start this year last weekend.

What about you? Do you have any absolute favorite movies you have to see around Christmas?




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