Part two of my experiment is not really working for me either

Since 15th of October I’ve been on part two of my experiment, the Low Carb High Fat diet.

First let me say that the food is very tasty and that I haven’t had any problems about staying on a strict diet – well maybe except for having a night cap now and then.

For the last five weeks my food pretty much consisted of dairy products like cottage cheese, crème fraiche, cream and butter, meat in the form of beef, lamb, goat, chicken, duck and different kinds of fish, eggs, and different kinds of vegetables like mostly oven baked pumpkins and onions. To drink I had coffee, tea, water and an occasional bottle of beer or glass of wine. And yes, I also got a piece of chocolate now and then.

Since the beginning, where I lost 5 kilos in no time at all, my weight loss has come to a total stand still. That’s something I’m not worried about though, because it is said that if one has been on many diets over the years it can take quite a while before one’s body finds out that here is no need to hang on to extra body fat, and that the weight loss will come later on.

While I’m happy about the food and contempt that the weight loss will come, another health problem I had earlier has come back – pain in my left shoulder and upper part of my left arm. That problem disappeared while I followed Alma Nissens drinking cure, but has returned and is now worse than ever.

My guess is that it’s because I eat too much food that becomes acidic once it’s eaten and not enough that’s basic. Therefor I make another shift in my diet and add more raw vegetables in the form of salads and some fruit, mostly in form of juices and smoothies for breakfast.

I hope it will help against the pain in my shoulder and arm.

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