Grauballemanden returned to the bog

I’ve so far not been able to find out when Grauballemanden was taken from Huset, the first museum where he was exhibited, and when he was transferred to another museum, the prehistoric museum Moesgaard Museum, but in 1970 he went on exhibition again and except for shorter periods, where new tests were taken and he was better taken care of, he stayed there until January 2013.

Gamle Moesgaard

The old Moesgaard Museum was an old manor, and the museum had to share the buildings with Aarhus universities institute for prehistoric archeology, so space was tight. Therefor a new building was raised next to the old one and it was opened on October 10th this year.

My children and I didn’t have time to go there earlier, but Saturday we did, and it is amazing.

Moesgård, luftfoto af den gamle og den nye bygning The red building in front is the old manor house. Behind it to the left you see the new building. It’s hard o see that it’s actually a building, but one can walk on the entire roof, which is covered with grass. Inside two stores with very high ceilings are build over ground level, the rest is under the ground.

The new museum was built into a south-facing slope and most of it is under the ground, where the huge exhibitions about the bronze-age, iron-age and the Vikings have found a new home, and there, in a new bog-like environment, Grauballemanden found a new resting place.  And he still is a huge attraction.


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