St. Martins Eve dinner

Tomorrow it’s St Martins day, which means tonight most Danes ate roasted duck as a revenge for St Martin, who was betrayed by geese and had to become bishop many, many years ago. It isn’t fair, but that’s how it is.


In our house our housemate Laerke spend about 5 hours and prepaired todays special dinner – roasted duck and sauce for all and cooked potatoes, sugar glazed potatoes, pickled warm red cabbage and potato chips for the carbohydrate people and oven baked pumpkins and squash, spicy red cabbage and salad for the high fat people.

WP_20141110_18_55_51_Pro  WP_20141110_18_56_03_Pro  WP_20141110_18_58_50_Pro  WP_20141110_18_55_34_Pro

We all got a lovely dessert made from eggs, butter, cream, coconut sugar, chocolate and brazil nuts.


What a delicious meal!


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