Christmas in the castle


As I told you before, Christmas calendars on television are a very big thing in Denmark, especially for families with children.

Many Christmas calendars have been made over the years. One of them was called “Jul på slottet“ (Christmas in the castle) and was set in a tiny castle not far from where I live. Today there was held an early Christmas market at that castle, and of course we went to see it.

Mia Maja og Valentin  Princess Mia Maja and Prince Valentin from the Christmas calendar “Christmas in the castle”

Kongen, hans søster og hofsnogen  Mia Majas father the king, his sister and the black adder

Many years ago I lived nearby the castle and actually knew the former owner Baroness Carin Rosenkrantz through my then boyfriends grandmother, but I’d never been inside the castle.


The market was today from 10 AM and 4 PM. My daughter Julie, our friend Laerke and I went there and so did – I don’t know – maybe 100,000 other people, far more than there was room for. It was nice though, and I took a few pictures.

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