The colors of a Danish Christmas


As I told you earlier, Christmas wasn’t really celebrated in most Danish homes before World War 1.

2 jule nisse

Before that time people imagined their house gods, the so called nisser, to be dressed very much like themselves, in grey, green and brown colors. It was only after the nisser lost their status as house gods and became part of the Danish Christmas tradition that they were shown as fully or partly dressed in red.


It is possible that Coca Colas choice of color influenced the Danish Christmas colors as well, like it did for the rest of the world, but because of the colors of the Danish flag Dannebrog, red and white have been very prominent colors for Christmas decorations right from the start.


The Danes have always made the decorations for their Christmas trees themselves, and many still do. There are many traditional decorations the children learn to make in kindergarten already, and many parents collect one decoration made by each of their children every year and write the name of the child and the year that piece was made on it, and decorate the Christmas tree with those pieces year after year.


A Danish Christmas tree is a real tree. It’s size depends mostly on how big the house or flat is, and it’s never fully dressed. You can always see the tree underneath the decorations.

gammeldags julepynt 6

Some of the traditional decorations are:

gammeldags julepynt 7  A staircase for mice


flette-hjerter-6  A braided heart


PaperStar  A folded star


gammeldags julepynt 4  An angel


kræmmerhuse  A cornet


gammeldags julepynt 1  A festoon of Danish flags

Other kinds of festoons and drums and trumpets, horses and strollers.

gammeldags julepynt 2 gammeldags julepynt 3 gammeldags julepynt 5

Today many use electrical lights on their Christmas trees, but most families also still use candles and candle holders.



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