But did it really fall from the sky?

Denmark is one of the few countries in the world whose flag has a name – Dannebrog.


Legend has it that it fell from the sky during the battle on Lyndanisse (Tallinn) in Estonia on June 15th in 1219

Again according to legend the battle was going bad for the Danish troops, but a Danish priest on top of a hill overlooking the battle prayed to God, who let the Danes move closer to victory the more he prayed. At a point during the battle the priest got tired in his arms though and dropped them, and the Danes lost their advantage and were almost defeated. The priest needed the help from two soldiers to keep his hands up and pray, and when the Danes were about to win, Dannebrog miraculously fell from the sky. King Valdemar Sejr (the victorious) took the flag, showed it to his troops, so their hearts got filled with courage, and finally the Danes won the battle.

dannebrog faldt ned  Dannebrog is falling down, painted by Christian August Lorentzen in 1809

Historians argue that time and place for the story are wrong though. It seems that it in reality was on a not specified day in 1208 during a battle at a place called Viljandi in Estonia that the flag fell from the sky (okay, they are not really sure where the flag came from, but are convinced that it has been used since at least this battle).

Anyway, we are very proud of our flag, and we use it whenever it’s possible – at sucker games, birthdays, parties, Christmas, you name it.

dannebrog_juleguirlande A festoon with Dannebrog for the Christmas tree



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