About money consciousness

Do you ever think about why you have the income you have? Are you happy with what you get? Are you able to save some and give away some and still have a good life and make ends meet?

To be honest, I’ve struggled making ends meet most of my life. I was a single mom with two kids in a private school and no nest egg. We always had food on the table and a roof over our head, long summer vacations, great Christmas parties and fantastic birthdays, so I must have done something right, but I remember worrying about money a lot.

I got my children while I was studying German and Chinese at university and got a divorce before I finished my studies. That meant I had to work quite a lot and started translating before I got my degree. Workwiset didn’t really mean anything, I think that over the course of my 30 some years as a translator maybe 5 customers have asked me for my diplomas, and the only projects I really would need them for are things I have no interest in working with, like law and EU-projects.

I have very loyal customers and I get new customers all the time without advertising or even looking for them, but not having any official papers about what it is I can, has always kept me from asking for a higher salary.

Then over the last five or six years I started listening to some of those “The Secret” gurus and reading other “Think and grow rich” stuff, and repeating and writing affirmations, and little by little I started feeling a difference.

Then I listened to an interview in a radio show with a lady called Marilyn Jenett, who is working with people’s money consciousness, and she said that if you’re struggling with money for no apparent reason, it’s a good idea to start blessing all the things that are giving you problems.

For some reason that appealed to me, and since at that time I had a customer who hadn’t paid me for several month, had stopped answering my calls and for whom I had found some bad reviews on the internet, I started blessing that customer, my work for him and my bank account.

One day later he finally paid me and I was intrigued. Was this just a coincidence?

I bought a program by Marilyn Jenett and followed her for a while, and my finances actually improved.

Then I started taking a closer look at my customers and said goodbye to some I didn’t like to work with and others who asked for a lot of work with very little pay. Instead I got some new customers, who pay what I ask for and give me longer deadlines.

In my work there will always be times when I have lots of work and other times when there is no work at all. That’s just how it is, and four – five month ago, when I had lots of work, I decided to fire the one of my last two old customers, who asked for a lot of work for very little money.

Shortly after I came into a slow period again, and since the old customer kept sending me requests all the time, I reconsidered, but decided to stick with my decision.

Then some weeks ago the customer started calling me several times a week, and every time I explained to them that their prices were too low and that I would not work with them anymore.

This customer is a really big global company, one of the biggest, and you know what they did today? They called me to let me know that if I would come back to them, they would more than double the price for all translations they would offer me in the future.

That made me think. My translations haven’t changed that much, they are not twice as much worth as before, and the only thing I can see has changed is my own feeling of what I am worth and what my work is worth. That’s it.

I know now that I want my customers to treat me well and pay me well, and if they don’t, I don’t work for them anymore, and that’s all there is to it. What a difference!

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