How to get more vegetables and make them fun to eat

Until recently I’ve always looked at the vegetable squash or zucchini as being rather boring, something to use in fat free cookies or in stews, a vegetable that tends to be over cooked before you even put it in the pot or pan.

Spiralizer A spiralizer (not my picture)

Then I ordered a so called spiralizer, a dream machine which cuts a zucchini (or carrot) in long curled stripes that can be used as a really tasty, fun and interesting substitute for spaghetti. After that I’ve eaten many meals consisting of zucchini and a sauce made from one or two avocados, some garlic, a squeeze of lemon juice, a little salt and some good olive oil, all mixed up in a blender. It’s absolutely delicious.

Now I’m on the Low Carb High Fat diet I’m replacing the avocado sauce with a good fat meat sauce with lots of butter and preferably with lots of cream as well.

WP_20141026_19_40_51_Pro 1  Our dinner today

Today my daughter Julie prepared dinner, and instead of spiralizing the zucchini she cut it into slices and baked it in the oven with a lot of cheese on top, and it was delicious.


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