The war on cancer makes me sick

I think I told you before that I don’t watch television. It just doesn’t appeal to me. When I want to watch a movie or even a television series, I put on a DVD or watch it on Netflex. That way I don’t have to see advertising on end or parts of other television programs like docudramas or soap operas I have no interest in.

Having moved in with my oldest daughter, her boyfriend and one of their girlfriends, I must admit though that the television in the living room is more often on than off when we are all at home.

These days the Danish version of Dancing with the stars is running on Fridays, and since the girlfriend loves that program, we mostly watch it during dinner that day.

Today was no exception, but since this week stands in the sign of winning the war against cancer, the whole Dancing with the stars program was about collecting money for the Danish cancer society.

During the program people call in and donate money and get the chance to win a car or some traveling money, or to talk to famous Danish people like football players, singers, actors, and then those famous people tell the viewers, when they’ve heard an especially touching story about somebody having cancer.

I really do feel sorry for the people who suffer from cancer and for their loved ones, and I do believe that people donate money because they have a good heart and want to help, but still this kind of program makes me angry.

It is 43 years ago that former president Nixon declared the war on cancer. Since then billions and billions have been spend on research and development of drugs and many millions all over the world have suffered and died from the disease, or even worse, they died from the treatment, which made the time they got left even more miserable and shortened their life span.

Compared to Nixons time many more people get cancer today, despite of all the money we collectively put into research, and it tells me that we are doing it wrong.

The entire medical establishment still does the same as they did 40 years ago and all they have to offer a cancer patient is operation, radiation and chemotherapy, while more than 80 % of all oncologists according to an American survey would not opt for either radiology or chemo for themselves or their loved ones if they got cancer. Imagine! But that’s what they offer you, if you get cancer.

Big pharma has no interest what so ever in finding a cure for cancer. If nobody had cancer anymore they would be out of business, and so they keep on funding our universities, influencing our physicians and lobbying in our governments to keep things the way they are.

Cancer is big business, and now the prediction is that one out of every two or three of us will get cancer at some point in our lives. For the pharmaceutical companies we are a lot more worth with cancer than without, even when we die from the treatment, because they have immunity and cannot be held responsible for people dying from their “therapies”.

How did we ever get here?


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