Filling our house with good food

Autumn is the time where most organic farmers slaughter animals for the winter, and for the last few weeks we’ve been around to buy meat that hopefully will last us till next spring.

Grass fed organic meat is different from conventional meat, because it comes from happy animals who have been living outside, eating grass, leafs, roots, worms and so on, sun bathe and dust bathe and do what’s natural for them. They don’t eat food that’s been sprayed with all kinds of poison, and if they get sick, they cannot be slaughtered before they are healthy again.

Their meat has a better omega 3 to omega 6 ratio than conventional meat, and that’s good for us.

A few weeks ago I went out and bought a freezer and since then we’ve bought organic grass fed meat and wild birds, and now the new freezer is full. We bought half a lamb, a fourth part of a pig, 10 kilos of minced beef, several organic chickens, partridges, pheasants, wood pigeons, mallards, a duck, minced chicken meat and different kinds of sausages. As I said – the freezer is full.

It is a good feeling to have a large depot of good food in the house. We’re still keeping an eye out for a good supplier of fish and other kinds of seafood though.

The others in my household have been on the Low Carb High Fat diet for a couple of weeks, while I only started last Wednesday, but we are all very excited about the really delicious food we get and about how easy it is to cook and eat this way.

We get very tasty food every day and there are so many healthy and good replacements for bread, pasta, bread and rice, so we don’t miss it at all. Yesterday we got raw squash cut with a spiralizer, a good sauce with minced meat and butter and cream, a lovely guacamole and lots of grated cheese. The day before that we got pizza, where the crust was made out of eggs, cheese and psyllium husks, and today we got filled pancakes with shrimps, meat sauce, mayonnaise and salad. And for dessert we got a really delicious, rich chocolate mousse – made from cream, eggs and a good dark organic chocolate – with French licorice.

WP_20141021_23_52_23_Pro (2)

Because the biggest part of our calorie intake is fat we don’t need nearly as much food as we used too. And we’re losing weight. All in all I’ve lost 7 kilos over the last 4 weeks.

I think that we all agree that this is a way of eating we very much would like to hold on to, and today my daughter emptied the kitchen cabinets for everything that isn’t compatible with the Low Carb High Fat diet, like sugar, flour, pasta and rice, and she filled all of it into some nice boxes we’re going to give away.

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