About the blessings of Low Carb High Fat

WP_20141016_10_50_08_Pro 1  On LCHF you’re not only allowed but supposed to eat lots of fat like butter and cconut oil

When on a diet I’ve often found it difficult to eat as often as I was supposed to and eat 3 to 6 meals a day whether I felt like it or not.

WP_20141016_10_49_26_Pro  Breakfast rolls made from nuts

We’ve been told over and over again to eat breakfast before we leave the house, but if you think about it, do you think it’s natural? Do you think that our ancestor the cave man ate a hearty breakfast before he went out to hunt? Or do you think that he went out to hunt because he wanted something to eat?

WP_20141016_10_49_45_Pro  Pancakes sizliung in a pan

When eating low carb high fat you don’t have to eat when you’re not hungry, and when you eat, you eat until you’re not hungry anymore before you stop.

WP_20141016_11_27_00_Pro 1  These are made froim eggs, cotton cheese and psyllium husks

When you eat only or mostly protein and fat, it means that your blood sugar doesn’t spike and fall. You have less mood swings, you have less chance for developing diabetes, your body has to use fat for energy and will lose weight. You also have much better chances to not develop cancer in the first place or starve your cancer if you got it.

WP_20141016_11_29_32_Pro 1  And they taste exactly like french toast

The healthy cells in your body can live on carbohydrates, fat and protein, but cancer cells can only live on carbohydrates (sugar and starchy foods), which means that fat and protein are the safer choices.

WP_20141017_20_00_45_Pro   WP_20141017_20_01_05_Pro  Lambs meat with bernaise sauce, been fries and cucumber

Since I started eating Low Carb High Fat 3 days ago, I went all in, and so far I’ve tried bread and breakfast rolls without any kind of flour but made from eggs and nuts and coconut flour, been fries and pizza made entirely without flour. The crust is made from grated cheese, eggs, potato fiber, oregano, salt and pepper, and baked without topping for 10-12 minutes. Then you add the topping and bake the pizza for another 5-10 minutes. It tastes absolutely delicious.

WP_20141018_19_57_55_Pro 1  And yes, pizza



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